Project Mangrove

Project-MangroveMangrove forests are among the world’s most productive and diverse ecosystems. These salt-tolerant plants thrive in sheltered shores, islands and estuaries of tropical regions. Mangroves have enormous ecological and economic value. They protect the coast from tropical cyclones. These forests help to prevent soil erosion, enrich the coastal waters and contribute significantly to the global carbon cycle. They provide breeding, nursery & feeding areas for aquatic plants and animals. These forests are a source of firewood, timber, tannins and medicines. They also provide food and shelter to the local population.

As a restoration measure for highly eroding shoreline of Dadhar River, massive mangrove afforestation programme in Gandhar, Gujarat was undertaken with support from Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). Three large nurseries were developed in Gandhar with about 300,000 saplings. The mangrove propagules and seeds were planted at test-sites and promising results were observed. Subsequently about 5,00,000 seeds and 500,000 saplings have been planted at various locations in Gandhar since 2007.

1) Project Mangrove is now entered in second phase (2010-2013).

2) Project Mangrove and Flamingo Conservation is now supported by MbPT. Watch for exciting 5 year programme (2013-2018)

3) Conservation and Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Protected Areas, India (CMPA). New programme initiated at Ansure Creek, Ratnagiri with support from MoEF-GIZ-Mangrove Cell

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